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Bicycle & Pedestrian Crossing Symbol
MUTCD W11-15

Bicycle & Pedestrian Crossing Sign

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Section 2C.49 Vehicular Traffic Warning Signs


  • Vehicular Traffic Warning (W8-6, W11-1, W11-5, W11-5a, W11-8, W11-10, W11-11, W11-12P, W11-14, W11-15, and W11-15a) signs may be used to alert road users to locations where unexpected entries into the roadway by trucks, bicyclists, farm vehicles, emergency vehicles, golf carts, horse-drawn vehicles, or other vehicles might occur. The TRUCK CROSSING (W8-6) word message sign may be used as an alternate to the Truck Crossing (W11-10) symbol sign.


  • These locations might be relatively confined or might occur randomly over a segment of roadway.


  • Vehicular Traffic Warning signs should be used only at locations where the road user's sight distance is restricted, or the condition, activity, or entering traffic would be unexpected.
  • If the condition or activity is seasonal or temporary, the Vehicular Traffic Warning sign should be removed or covered when the condition or activity does not exist.


  • The combined Bicycle/Pedestrian (W11-15) sign may be used where both bicyclists and pedestrians might be crossing the roadway, such as at an intersection with a shared-use path. A TRAIL X-ING (W11-15P) supplemental plaque may be mounted below the W11-15 sign. The TRAIL CROSSING (W11-15a) sign may be used to warn of shared-use path crossings where pedestrians, bicyclists, and other user groups might be crossing the roadway.
  • The W11-1, W11-15, and W11-15a signs and their related supplemental plaques may have a fluorescent yellow-green background with a black legend and border.


  • If used in advance of a pedestrian and bicycle crossing, a W11-15 or W11-15a sign should be supplemented with an AHEAD or XX FEET plaque to inform road users that they are approaching a point where crossing activity might occur.


  • If a post-mounted W11-1, W11-11, W11-15, or W11-15a sign is placed at the location of the crossing point where golf carts, pedestrians, bicyclists, or other shared-use path users might be crossing the roadway, a diagonal downward pointing arrow (W16-7P) plaque shall be mounted below the sign. If the W11-1, W11-11, W11-15, or W11-15a sign is mounted overhead, the W16-7P supplemental plaque shall not be used.


  • The crossing location identified by a W11-1, W11-11, W11-15, or W11-15a sign may be defined with crosswalk markings.

Source: 2009 MUTCD



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