1000 FT Overlay – 22 × 7″
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Overlay Reads
1000 FT
Overlay Design
Interchangeable overlay, reverse side is provided with velcro along the top and bottom edges.


The following signs use 22 × 7″ overlays for their 36″ sizes:
Utility Work Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4571-O36SB
Road Work Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4578-O36SB
Lane Closed Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4728-O36SB
Road Closed Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4730-O36SB
Construction Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4733-O36SB
Shoulder Work Ahead Roll-Up Sign X4735-O36SB

1000 FT Overlay – 22 × 7″

With velcro strips on reverse side






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Product Information


The 1000 Foot Overlay is an orange overlay designed for use on roll-up road work signs. It is available in a material to match your sign and comes with velcro on the back side to allow for ease of use out in the field.

Other available legends:

  • 1 Mile Overlay – 22 × 7″ X4705
  • 1/2 Mile Overlay – 22 × 7″ X4706
  • 1500 FT Overlay – 22 × 7″ X4707
  • 500 FT Overlay – 22 × 7″ X4709
  • Arrow Overlay – 22 × 7″ X4713
  • Roll-up sign overlay
Overlays are patches of matching sign material (Super Bright™ or Non-Reflective Vinyl) printed in a variety of messages, for the purposes of changing one or several words on the sign.
Our overlays have been manufactured to work only with the 36″ roll up signs offered on this website.
Overlays are available in multiple sizes to fit the different legends on each of our signs.
The reverse side of each overlay is provided with velcro along the top and bottom edges.
Overlays for the word "AHEAD"
500 Ft, 1000 Ft, 1500 Ft, 1/2 Mile, 1 Mile, Directional Arrow.
Overlays for the word "RIGHT"
Center and Left.



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