Emergency Scene Ahead All-in-One Sign and Stand
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Fold and Roll Reads
5″ high Emergency Scene Ahead (Standard printed message)
Fold and Roll Design
This roll-up sign is provided with or without velcro strips to accommodate overlay messages. Look at the packaging information to select the correct configuration.
  • NCHRP 350 Approved
  • FHWA Color Code
  • Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts
  • Flag Trees

Emergency Scene Ahead All-in-One Sign and Stand

MUTCD W90 / NCHRP-350 Approved Available






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Product Information


The Emergency Scene Ahead All-in-One Sign and Stand is NCHRP-350 approved and the ideal solution for road crews responding to motor vehicle accidents or emergencies. Its unique fold and roll design allows the sign to fold up into the stand for fast deployment and removal from the roadway.

Constructed from steel and aluminum the stand is highly durable and contains a heavy duty torsion spring to provide extra stability in gusty wind conditions. It comes with a 36"" SuperBright roll-up sign that is 12” off the ground. The legs can be extended from 22"" to 38"" for added stability and each leg has adjustments to level out the stand on uneven terrain. It weighs 24 lbs.

Please note that there are two variations of this roll-up-sign: one with velcro strips to accommodate overlay messages and one that does not come with velcro strips.

  • Fold and Roll Set up
Unit Weight
24 lb
Shipping Weight
27 lb
Storage Dimensions
7½ × 7½ × 36″
Leg Lengths
22″ telescoping legs extend to 38″
Sign distance from the ground
Sign size
System is provided with a 36″ roll-up diamond sign
Sign Printed Message
This unit is provided standard with a printed message that reads "EMERGENCY SCENE AHEAD".
The sign face is available with or without velcro strips for the use of interchangeable overlays (sold separately) to adjust to a variety of emergency situations.
  • Sign face ready with velcro strips
Overlay options
We offer stock overlays for all three printed areas on the sign. See recommended accessories above.
Sign stand construction
Steel and aluminum construction for durability and long service life.
Roll-up sign material
Sign face material is a fluorescent pink retro-reflective material (Super Bright™ Type VI) recommended by the FHWA and NFPA for use at emergency scenes.
Assembly Set-up
Under 1 minute
Telescoping legs with kick releases feature three locking positions for storage and set-up on uneven terrain.
Heavy duty steel torsion spring system provides a smooth, gliding reaction to wind gusts - no whipping action.
Fold & Roll™ sets up far faster than any other sign system in the industry allowing responders to concentrate fully on the task at hand.
Fold & Roll™ system fits easily into the trunk of a squad car or a small storage compartment on a truck.
  • Application of the Emergency Fold and Roll Sign System
  • Fold and Roll Set up
Users must comply with all legal restrictions for temporary warning signs in accordance with the manual on uniform traffic control devices and local requirements. Please consult local enforcement agency for compliance.

Set-Up Instructions:

  1. Extend telescoping legs until locked in place.
  2. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.
  3. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.
  4. Insert panel into upright holder until spring button snaps in place.

Take Down Instructions:

  1. Depress spring button and remove panel.
  2. Release leg lock mechanism and raise legs.
  3. Depress spring buttons and telescope legs.

MUTCD Compliance

2009 Edition Part 6 Figure 6F-2. Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts

The fourth example shows an orange diamond-shaped sign with a black border and letters with the words "UTILITY WORK AHEAD" in three lines mounted on a vertical pole that is mounted on four horizontal supports. The distance from the bottom of the sign to the bottom of the supports is labeled as "1 ft MIN. above the traveled way." At the top of the sign, three orange flags are shown mounted equidistant apart from each other on short staffs that extend out from the top of the vertical pole at 45-degree angles.

  • Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts



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