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    Official Street Name Sign with Optional Prefix and Suffix

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    24 × 6″ .080″ Double-Sided Engineering Grade Reflective Extruded Aluminum
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    24 × 6″ .080″ Double-Sided High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Extruded Aluminum
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Product Information


MUTCD Street Name Signs – Extruded Blade with Optional Prefix and Suffix

The extruded blade street name sign is a standardized sign listed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) under the designation of D3-1. According to the manual, street name signs should be installed in urban areas at all street intersections regardless of other route signs that might be present and should be installed in rural areas to identify important roads that are not otherwise signed. Furthermore, the lettering for names of streets on these street signs shall be composed of a combination of lower-case letters with initial upper-case letters.

Product Features:

  • Thickness of .080″ at the center and .240″ thickness at the top and bottom edges
  • Signs are printed on both sides (single-side printing is available by request)
  • Both the background and text are retroreflective
  • Works without mounting holes
  • Signs are fabricated from .080" aluminum

TrafficSign.com Extruded Street Name Signs

Text Heights:

  • 6″ Tall Street Signs 9″ Tall Street Signs
    For local public roads with speed limits of 25 MPH or less. For single-lane public roads with speed limits of 30 MPH or more.

    6″ Tall Extruded Street Sign

    9″ Tall Extruded Street Sign

Reflective Options:

Street name signs are available in two different reflective materials, each with its own purpose as detailed below.

  • Reflective Type Material Usage
    Engineering Grade (EG)
    ASTM D4956 Type I
    Engineering Grade (EG) Reflective Aluminum Not permitted for use in official roadway applications.
    Best suited for private developments.
    Read about EG Reflective change from 3M EGP Reflective to 3M Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade 7310.
    High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)
    ASTM D4956 Type IV
    High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective Aluminum The minimum required for official roadway applications.

Color Choices: Official MUTCD / DOT Colors

The MUTCD designates green as the official background color of all guide signs but also allows for substitute background colors. The alternate colors include blue, brown, and white. For the background colors green, blue, and brown, the street name and border, if used, must be white. For the background color white, the street name and border, if used, must be black.

  • Blank Green Extruded Blade Street Name Sign
  • Blank Blue Extruded Blade Street Name Sign
  • Blank Brown Extruded Blade Street Name Sign
  • Blank Silver Extruded Blade Street Name Sign

Unofficial Novelty Colors

These colors are not approved for use on official street name signs for public roads but can be used on private roads, in private developments, and in other areas where signs do not have to meet MUTCD guidelines.

  • Blank Black Extruded Blade Street Name Sign
  • Blank Red Extruded Blade Street Name Sign

Samples of Printed Signs:

Please see the images below for actual signs printed with an image and street number.

  • Samples of Printed Extruded Blade Signs

Font Style Options

  • Different types of fonts we use

TrafficSign.com uses the approved font below known as FHWA Series 2000 when producing your street name signs, this font offers several variations of character compression and character spacing, the correct version will be selected by us when producing your signs. The selection will be based on the length of the street name versus the length of the sign ordered. Due to the nature and size of street name signs, more often than not, the street name is compressed (from side to side) to fit the name area on the sign; that's the reason we have recommended characters, as soon as you go over the recommended number of characters the legibility of the sign decreases and the compression of the name increases.

Mounting Bracket Information:

What mounting brackets do you have for street name signs?

Depending on the type of post you’ll be mounting your street name signs onto, these are the brackets available:

What size bracket do I need to install the street name sign?

Choosing the right mounting bracket will not only allow your sign to be displayed as desired, but it will also ensure that your sign is supported properly. The chart below will help you determine how wide your mounting bracket should be for each size street name sign.

  • 6″ Tall
    Sign Sizes
    Bracket Size Needed 9″ Tall
    Sign Sizes
    Bracket Size Needed
    18 × 6″ 5½″ 18 × 9″ 12″
    24 × 6″ 5½″ 24 × 9″ 12″
    30 × 6″ 12″ 30 × 9″ 12″
    36 × 6″ 12″ 36 × 9″ 12″
    42 × 6″ 12″ 42 × 9″ 12″
    48 × 6″ 12″ 48 × 9″ 12″

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