Black / White Striped Reflective Post Panel
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Black and White Striped


3'' x 30 or 6'' x 30'' Diamond Grade Reflective Panels for U-Channel Posts

Black / White Striped Reflective Post Panel

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U-channel Striped Reflective Panels

A Black / White Striped Reflective Post Panel has effective messages or images for traffic and pedestrian safety concerns. A Black / White Striped Reflective Post Panel is a helpful tool to help protect the health and safety on roadways, and is not a replacement for required protective measures for lessening or removing hazards.

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Sign Construction:

  • These signs are manufactured with rust free aluminum overlaminated with Diamond Grade Reflective (Type IX).
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust. Aluminum signs will last longer that plastic or steel signs.
  • Panels are easy to install and are supplied with 2 holes at 3/8”dia. (top & bottom).
  • Panels are available in 4 color combinations and 2 sizes: 3” x 30” & 6” x 30”.
  • Panels have been designed for any of the following applications: post mounting, fence or wall mounting.

Striped Reflective Panels

Make your signs more attractive and at the same time, more noticeable; by installing striped reflective panels. Mounting hardware sold separately, see Y3465.

  • U-channel Post Reflective Panel
  • U-channel Post Reflective Panel

MUTCD Section 2A.15 Enhanced Conspicuity for Standard Signs

Based upon engineering judgment, where the improvement of the conspicuity of a standard regulatory, warning, or guide sign is desired, any of the following methods may be used, as appropriate, to enhance the sign's conspicuity.

  • Enhanced Conspicuity for Signs
    Figure 2A-1 Examples of Enhanced Conspicuity for Signs.
  1. Increasing the size of a standard regulatory, warning, or guide sign.
  2. Doubling-up of a standard regulatory, warning, or guide sign by adding a second identical sign on the left-hand side of the roadway.
  3. Adding a solid yellow or fluorescent yellow rectangular "header panel" above a standard regulatory sign, with the width of the panel corresponding to the width of the standard regulatory sign. A legend of "NOTICE," "STATE LAW," or other appropriate text may be added in black letters within the header panel for a period of time determined by engineering judgment.
  4. Adding a "NEW" plaque above a new standard regulatory or warning sign, for a period of time determined by engineering judgment, to call attention to the new sign.
  5. Adding one or more red or orange flags (cloth or retroreflective sheeting) above a standard regulatory or warning sign, with the flags oriented so as to be at 45 degrees to the vertical.
  6. Adding a solid yellow, a solid fluorescent yellow, or a diagonally striped black and yellow (or black and fluorescent yellow) strip of retroreflective sheeting at least 3 inches wide around the perimeter of a standard warning sign. This may be accomplished by affixing the standard warning sign on a background that is 6 inches larger than the size of the standard warning sign.
  7. Adding a warning beacon to a standard regulatory (other than a STOP or a Speed Limit sign), warning, or guide sign.
  8. Adding a speed limit sign beacon to a standard Speed Limit sign.
  9. Adding a stop beacon to a STOP sign
  10. Adding light emitting diode (LED) units within the symbol or legend of a sign or border of a standard regulatory, warning, or guide sign
  11. Adding a strip of retroreflective material to the sign support in compliance with the provisions of Section 2A.21.
    • Option: Where engineering judgment indicates a need to draw attention to the sign during nighttime conditions, a strip of retroreflective material may be used on regulatory and warning sign supports.
    • Standard: If a strip of retroreflective material is used on the sign support, it shall be at least 2 inches in width, it shall be placed for the full length of the support from the sign to within 2 feet above the edge of the roadway, and its color shall match the background color of the sign, except that the color of the strip for the YIELD and DO NOT ENTER signs shall be red.



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